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Day at Miami Beach

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When I was visiting Miami, I managed to get some time on the weekend to see what is around Miami and after a lot of thinking and looking at pictures decided to see Miami Beach.

It has been an interesting day starting with a breakfast at an Argentinian bakery, which I noticed when I was driving towards Surfside. Buenos Aires Bakery and Cafe had amazing pastries and really nice strong coffee. Delightful treat in the morning, giving you the boost you need to walk around.

argentinian breakfast

Sugar overload makes you want to go for a walk to use up some of the calories you just consumed. If you park on a close by parking, you can walk on the beach or the boardwalk and enjoy nice weather and sun.

Palms, lifeguard towers, beach umbrellas, bicycle riders and lots of other things can be seen when walking on the boardwalk. Make sure to take some light shoes and a backpack so you can take them off and walk on the sand, relax, wet your toes in water. Bring a beach umbrella if you have one. You can also rent some on the beach but they are not necessarily as pretty as the one you see below. Last time I have seen a nice umbrella like this was in Nice, France. On a nice hot day, a guy was sitting on the beach fully dressed in warm clothes under a small colorful umbrella.
Nice beach

If you want to enjoy some time relaxing in water, you do not have to just swim, there are boats, boards for rent so you can enjoy your day.

One of the nice areas of Miami Beach is South Pointe Park on the southern tip of Miami Beach. Great place to stop by and have a long walk to the marina and view Miami to the west. Rest in the park, do some yoga, skateboard and enjoy your time.

When you walk to the east, you end up on the pier and can admire view along the beach towards Surfside and beyond. If you love boats, marina is not the only place to admire them. Pier is a good place to look at them going in and out of the marina. You can also fish from the pier, or just sit down and rest. If you have time take a relaxing walk along the Beachwalk. The area around offers plenty of restaurants and shopping. There are also markets worth visiting to see some local arts, produce and some special events like car shows.

Enjoy your day be adventurous and relax.

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