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Ireland – Day 5 Crossing into Northern Ireland

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Three types of columns of Giant's Causeway

Three types of columns of Giant’s Causeway

With every day we were getting closer to the end of the journey. The next day took us into Northern Ireland. When you rent a car in Ireland make sure that you let the company know that you will be traveling north. Depending on the company they will or will not charge you for it, however, not having the permission can invalidate your car insurance. Also make sure to remember that speed changes from km/h to miles/h, the distances also change from kilometers to miles. So take care!

One of the iconic sites in Northern Ireland, located close to Bushmills, is Giant’s Causeway. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The tops of naturally hexagonal columns form stepping stones leading down from the cliff to the water. Size of the columns varies amazingly, from just a few centimeters to up 12 meters. There are many column formations that resemble objects, for example Giant’s shoe or Organs.

IMG_8235-2 IMG_8265-3 IMG_8281-4


View towards the west

It is wise to set aside some time for a nice relaxing walk by the sea and if you are fit to return on the top of the cliff to the Visitor’s Center. On a nice day you will be able to admire views to the east towards Scotland and west onto the fields. If you get really tired you might be able to pick some great blackberries growing by the trail.

Our rented Travel WiFi decided to stop working after we crossed the border, so our driving plans have changed and we headed directly towards the Antrim Coast skipping a few small towns we planned to visit.

Despite that there were some clouds in the sky, the views were very nice as we drove across the hills, and then along the sea to Glenarm. You can see nice cliffs, green fields and beautiful little seaside towns and villages on the way. Glenarm is one of those small villages on the coast. There is a beautiful castle in a park, a few streets of beautiful colored houses and a small marina. It has rich history going back to 13th century, when the first local castle is recorded.

IMG_8309-8 IMG_8322-9

Once we rested in Glenarm, we headed towards Belfast. Arriving in Belfast at 5pm is not the best time, traffic around the city is pretty heavy and it can take some time to arrive at the hotel. It felt pretty good to be back in Belfast after over 10 years.

IMG_8327-10   IMG_8331-11




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