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Ireland Day 4 – Sky Road – Connemara

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Galway pier

Galway pier

Waking up to a sunny day in Ireland is always great. We were impressed with the views from the pier in Galway, just outside of the Galway Bay Hotel. When you walk on it take care as it frequently is wet and slippery.

The destination of the day was Sligo, on the way we traveled through Connemara district. A sightseeing highlight was going to be drive on Sky Road near Clifden.


The views along the road were amazing and the only shock was delivered when we turned onto the Sky Road. This road is really narrow, and there is lots of construction going on, so you can expect big trucks driving on it. For some reason there was also cattle wandering around the road in parts of the road. The bottom line is take care when driving! Be alert and seriously have a small car for your travels. Take care when walking on the road so you stay in one piece.

IMG_8110-1  IMG_8150-1

Sky Road definitely delivers the views that are breathtaking. When stopping on the road look for wider areas, so you do not block the road. There is a parking area high up on a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean, about in the middle of the drive. Meadows on the sides of the road are full of colorful flowers, even in September.

IMG_8144-1   IMG_8139-1


Panorama from the cliff overlooking Atlantic Ocean

The top of the cliff was not the end of beautiful views, on the descent you can see Clifden church towers on the backdrop of Connemara hills.

IMG_8158-1  IMG_8216-1

From there we headed north to Sligo, passing by some amazing views but also seeing clouds slowly gathering around once more. Roses Point in Sligo welcomed us with the statue “Waiting on shore” representing those who awaited the return of loved ones from the sea. And as any good day in Ireland rain started slowly drizzling, making it time for a bit of snooze.



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